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Stories you will find on All about our environment, airpollution, Global Warming and Ozone Depletion issues.

7 Environmental Problems We Are Facing Today

The environmental problems that we are currently facing are all man-made; we may not be aware of it but it is a fact that we have ignored because we are too busy with our daily routine that sometimes our lack of awareness have affected the environment. First among the environmental problems that we have to consider is the global warming. This is caused by the green house gases that are emitted by our cars, factories and chemicals that trap the heat from the sun making our surroundings hotter. We should be aware that global warming is also one of the reasons why we have cyclones and tropical storms that are stronger than what we have previously experienced. Global warming is also gradually increasing the sea level by melting the ice caps. People who are not aware of this will not be alarmed but we can already feel the consequence of this Phenomenon.

Second is the ozone layer degradation, chemicals that are present in various household or cosmetic products such as spray net for hair grooming have contributed to the degradation of the ozone layer; exposing us to direct heat of the sun in a level higher than we experienced.

Third is deforestation, the development of nations and cities requires land and constant conversion of real estate. Although efforts are being taken to improve on this condition like the establishment of forest reserves, the rate of recovery from deforestation is slower than the ongoing occurrence of deforestation.

Fourth among the environmental problems that we have to consider is species extinction. Our constant development requires that particular areas where there are rare animals with a short survival rate have to be suited with our requirement to expand and develop and most of the times we ignore the importance of these rare species.

Fifth among the environmental problems that we have to consider is water degradation. The more forest we lose the faster rate we will experience water degradation. Someday water will be more expensive than petrol. We should remember that water is one of our life support, we used to drink water for free. But now if you will notice, bottled water is becoming a necessity and the cost is gradually increasing.

Sixth among the environmental problems that we have to consider is global poisoning, factories do not just emit gasses that warm mother earth they also produce solid and liquid wastes or toxins as part of their operational processes and a lot of these factories do not have monitoring or environmental precautionary measures.

Seventh among the environmental problems that we have to consider is human and cultural degradation, indigenous people or natives to certain places are maintaining their culture and are reminding us of our origins and our ways are being invaded by our modern culture. The reason why we have so much disaster in our environment is that we have forgotten the essence of our existence. The environmental problems that we are facing are actually interconnected and only we can do something about it, because we were the ones who created it in the first place.

About the Author: Christine Crotts just moved into a new house and is now looking to brighten it up. When not shopping at the local home improvement store, Christine is working on our site reviewing the latest contemporary ceiling fans

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